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There’s lots of medical and nutrition advances lately, the research field on aging has taken the
spotlight recently, we at 4050+ have taken the initiative to marry both, the Functional Nutrition
field and the Advanced Anti-Aging Supplementation, we need to tell you, there’s nothing we
don’t personally test, of course the ‘seat of the pants’ feeling is hard to attest on the anti-aging
effects but there’s a lot of good markers specialized companies can measure on the field of
Biological Age, here’s some of the most recent supplements we have been testing with amazing results.

Science advances are relentless, lately, the recent advances in nutrition and supplementation that affect healthspan have been astonishing. 

The work of scientists like Dr David Sinclair on the molecules that, positively affect aging is Nobel Price worthy.

It is not that we should aim to live forever but we can add healthy years instead as to rely on the traditional miserable late years of existence.

At 4050Evolution we do extensive research on WADA safe nutritional supplements, we'll never endorse any substance that can do harm to anyone, we want to keep having fun as long as we can, we believe in Science.


Any serious athlete knows Nutrition is of vital importance, the right fuel can help you function the way you want it the day of your competition, supplements can be friend or foe, why foe?, because Nutritional Supplements are not as tightly regulated as medical drugs, we at #4050Evolution, do our own research, knowledge from the experience of decades of trial and error plus new internet research tools, help us make better decisions and get our money's worth, here's a short list of the most important supplements we've been using in our quest for maximum performance.

#1 Pre-Workout, MOA, this little pouch has a concentration of most of the World's best Superfoods, as we all know, extraneous exercise creates free radicals, this must be addressed BEFORE the workout, never after, timing in nutrition is especially important to get the most of this effort.

#2 In-Workout, ELITE, sustained efforts need to be aided of the right nutrition, not only electrolytes are required to remain in constant pace, we need the help of many other nutrients like Ashwagandha and Indian Gooseberry to improve Focus, reduce Mental Fatigue and help with recovery from exercise.

#3 Sustained Energy is produced inside our cell in little but powerful organelles named mitochondria, the energy token is ATP, to ensure activation of power cell we require the help of B complex vitamins and, very importantly, Coenzyme Q10, the right form of Q10 is brilliantly mixed in combination of Omega3 fatty acid in OmegaQ, why is this important? our cell walls are made of this fatty acid, so we address this in one product that works both inside and outside of our precious cells.

#4 Recovery is super important since training is meant to help us improve performance, muscle adaptation is dependent on good Nutrition and Rest, we found this product directed, mostly to LONGEVITY, something we whole hearty promote at #4050Evolution, RENEW is a supplement that, by giving you a very specific number and therapeutic amounts of nutrients, stimulate the production of Growth Hormones, we you take this supplements at bedtime, you'll ensure that your body's repair system will do its job extremely well.


We want to share with you our expertise with Functional Nutrition
Over 50 years combined of research and practical nutrition


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By 4050+ Nutrition | JR Sesteaga

1 Functional Nutrition
Food is fuel, the quality and quantity matters, everything you put into your mouth needs to serve a purpose, the basic calories needed to the workout or competition, the proper digestibility to ensure nutrition is available when required, nutritional content needs to be balanced and optimal, ergogenic effects need to be beneficial, inflammation control, etc.

2 Smart Supplementation
Quality matters, vitamin and minerals need to come from reputable sources, in the right Bioavailable forms and the right amounts, athletes need to ingest over five times the amount of several nutrients compared to couch potatoes.
Emerging research points out to various nutrients that have beneficial effects on athletic performance.

3 Nutrition Timing
We all know from the benefits of fasting, there’s much more than just periods of starvation, training on a fasted state is beneficial on many fronts, the first that come to mind is wight management, the second is Fuel Selection Training, when you train your body learn to use fat as fuel in a controlled fashion, the third is Inner Body Deep Cleanse, when by doing Long Fast, your body macrophages, start eating damaged cells and cell parts and create completely new usable proteins, In workout Fueling, what and when to eat in order to not only avoid bonking but keep performance level on top shape.

4 Main Protein Differences
Animal source VS Plant Based, what’s the best, bang for your buck, with scientific facts, discussion

5 Creatine Debate
it's it all good or not? Discussion.
Timing for optimal benefit
6 Antioxidants 
do they blunt muscle adaptation? the debate continues
7 Adaptogens
History, new science
8 Anti-aging 
VS Athletic Performance, are they in competition? , can the strategy be combined?


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By 4050+ Nutrition | JR Sesteaga

There’s lots of medical and nutrition advances lately, the research field on ageing has taken the spotlight recently, we at 4050 have taken the initiative to marry both, the Functional Nutrition field and the Advanced Anti-Ageing Supplementation, we need to tell you, there’s nothing we don’t personally test, of course the ‘seat of the pants’ feeling is hard to attest on the anti-Ageing effects but there’s a lot of good markers specialized companies can measure on the field of Biological Age, here’s some of the most recent supplements we have been testing with amazing results.

ProHealth NMN 500 mg, take this early in the morning for sustained energy and endurance, the quality of your workout will increase, mind will be much clearer, sleep also improves, the health benefits of NMN goes beyond endurance and Energy, NMN is a very specialized form of vitamin B3 the directly impacts the NAD+ Energy pathway, all the cells in our body are dependent on this form of energy, as Dr Sinclair points out, without NAD+, we’ll die in 20 minutes, this product is third party tested, we found that 500 mg is enough, Dr Sinclair says up to 1 gm is safe but our test show that you don’t need more than half a gram if the product has true analysis, in other words, don’t buy crap that don’t have USP, CL, or are not made in FDA approved facilities.
ProHealth Trans-Resveratrol, you probably have heard of the French Paradox, people from France have better cardiovascular health compared to Americans, regardless of their higher fat diet, a component of red wine called Resveratrol. Have many health benefits and very importantly for the athlete, resveratrol controls Oxidative Stress, this condition is produced during intense training and competition and as you probably know, un-controlled Oxidative Stress, speeds up the Ageing process, this particular formula has the most bioavailable form of Resveratrol on the Planet.
ProHealth Berberine; this potent plant has a history for being a natural Diabetes controller, lately it has also gained popularity among athletes for its energy modulation of both fats and sugars giving the athlete the chance of fetching more energy from his or hers stores, it can help you loose weight and interestingly, Berberine also activate Sirt1, the main Longevity gene.

This are the main ingredients on our Athletic Performance/Longevity stash, please feel free to send us a note if you are interested on a more personalized Nutrition/Supplementation Plan, we want to hear from your experiences and help our community keep racing longer and stronger.




By 4050+ Nutrition | JR Sesteaga

Nutrition and the mature athlete.
Many articles have been written about the subject of nutrition and the athlete but only a few have addressed the mor specific needs of the mature kind, there’s a myriad of physiological changes taking place in our bodies as we age, our metabolism changes, our digestive system changes, most athletes have a pretty good idea about nutrition, specially the dedicated amateur and the professional, still, a lot has to be learned and there’s always the issue with our own particularities , like internal injuries, digestive problems, some caused by antibiotics and some diet mistakes, allergies, etc.
Fortunately, Diet can be corrected and todays quality supplements, really makes a difference, here, at 4050 Evolution, we have a mission to work with cutting edge Nutrition and develop with our friends, athletes and everyone with this passion to create the ultimate Plant Based Nutrition, we research and test every decent looking product out there, we evaluate on scientific information as well as real world, seat of the pants, testing.

The Immune System and its’s impact on the Athlete


By 4050+ Nutrition | JR Sesteaga

For centuries the Immune System has been studied for its impacts on human health, from war wounds and the possible survival, to Olympic performance on today’s athlete.

It is common knowledge that any athlete performing strenuous exercise or hard competition depletes his or her body from valuable nutrients and create oxidative stress, the savvy individual knows he/she can quickly recover by ingesting Functional Foods and good Supplements and prevent most opportunistic infections from the common cold to dangerous flu variants, supplements play a role in modern day nutrition, specially when diet cant fill all the nutritional gaps, from Vitamin, complex antioxidants and most recently Adaptogens, the later where first used for athletic performance by the Russians in the Cold War Era, Siberian Ginseng was probably the first adaptogen to be used by a large population on Olympians, other Medicinal Mushrooms where quickly added by the Chinese on the race for Olympic dominance, Americans relied for many years on Vitamin supplementation, multivitamins where first used by the military when research was focused on soldier nutrition for the combat field on WWII.

Today’s Functional Nutrition is a mix of traditional medicine and modern vitamin/antioxidant research, Adaptogen knowledge is the new frontier, from Rishi to Cordyceps, specially if they are administered in the right form and very importantly, in the right therapeutic concentration, allows the Athlete to perform at its peak.